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Psychometric testing  & assessments are helpful tools for gaining insight into your strengths, personalities, behaviours and leadership styles, as well as those of your employees and teams. They are especially helpful in establishing and cultivating the culture and ethos of your organisation.

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We empower individuals and assist businesses increase team cooperation and collaboration, create leaders, foster diversity, and solve their most complex people-related difficulties by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Steps I & II.

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The Strong Interest Inventory® can provide a person with comprehensive insights into their career interests, assisting them in the discovery of potential career paths that they had not previously considered, and providing them with a wealth of information regarding how they approach the working world.

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The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) is a 360-degree assessment that measures 12 characteristics that distinguish outstanding from average work performance. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage our own and others' emotions. Emotional and social competencies are based on emotional intelligence and contribute to job performance.

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The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) is a research-based 360-degree leadership assessment. CEOs of Fortune 100 businesses, global thought leaders, and international business executives from organizations on six continents participated in the research. GLA 360 is utilized globally by businesses ranging from startups to the Fortune 500 to support leadership development

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As Mental Performance Masters, we work to assist athletes in realising their full performance potential. Personal coaching and coaching for teams, as well as mental toughness training, are both available and customisable for each individual athlete, team, and/or organisation.

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